Sunday, September 21, 2014

Heart Family Babies and a few other things....

A quick post about some things I've been playing with:

I got these two Heart Family babies, cute right? but I was not ready for the size of their heads
After a bath and trim 

A better job was done to make the head proportionate to the body then the baby to  Barbie.

Here she is compared to my other babies. Now the Sparkle Girlz baby head is big but flat, While the Heart baby is just bulbous. Big all the way around.
Compared to Mattel only

Compared to a smaller head Barbie

Compared to a Fashionista

I mean what the heck were they thinking?! Did someone just say let's make a baby for Barbie without using the actual doll for scale? While it is annoying, the more I played with them the cuter they became. So they'll be provided loving parents to care for them. and since they're not supposed to be infants you can pose them sitting down/crawling etc.

I've since cut more hair. I figured the less bulk the smaller her hair would appear. It was worth a shot.

Some more playing with hair:

I love the Katniss doll, but not the braid she came with. So it had to go!

Even after a shampoo her hair is still slick so I went with it

Diana Ross once did a magazine or album cover where the only thing shielding her scantily clad covered body was her hair.

I just love Kara's face


  1. The Heart Family babies are freakishly huge. I don't get it either! The Heart Family parents don't even have big heads either! What were they (Mattel) thinking??? I love the haircut you gave to Katniss! Really cute!

  2. Thanks Phyllis! I mean really? they just threw that baby together, poor thing.

  3. I didn't think that the Heart Family babies looked that bad until I saw the photos with Barbie. LOL. Maybe they can be the children of Kenya dolls. I love the cut that you gave the Katniss doll.

  4. I'm just baffled about those babies lol like who does that?

    Thanks, I think the shorter hair is working for her.

  5. hello very nice blog I love Kara's face she is so beautiful. On my doll series on youtube Kara is pregnant her name is Sahara, im having a blast, im about to upload her baby shower soon.