Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Sparkle Girlz Fashion Packs! + Extras

After my favorite blogs showed these super affordable outfits from Sparkle Girlz at Walmart I knew I had to check them out in person. Plus I wanted to shake up my ladies wardrobe, this way I could do it without breaking the bank. I may have gotten a lithe carried away...

This five piece pack was $8.99 and totally worth it IMO

I wanted another baby sparkle
That Barbie outfit went back

The top is Mattel

So cute right!? and now after a few fittings I can say the quality of the clothes is similar to Barbie but the accessories are not. The shoes feel super cheap and flimsy compared to Mattel or Liv. That being said with the exception of the the backless shoes that don't stay on, but still fit both old and new Barbie feet just fine. The clothing themselves favor Liv bodies, and you may find some areas of struggle with Fashionistas. All in all I would say at this price point there are no real losers. I pretty much loved everything, but I do have a favorite. My doll wardrobe is thin on upscale looking date/party clothes so I was very pleased with this:

It was made for Layla's body. She's a Skipper I've have since 2001

The Extras: New Family alert! and I picked up one of the Barbie Summer packs, was pleasantly surprised to find out it was a two piece.

I thought these two made a cute mother/daughter pairing

Is it me or is the sun super bright this week?


  1. These Sparkle Girlz outfits are just great! I love that they fit a variety of dolls. Layla's silver and black party dress caught my eye right away. It is very pretty, and I haven't seen it anywhere else that I recall. I am so tempted to go back and get even more clothes! Thanks for showing these outfits and showing photos of your dolls wearing the clothing!

  2. Roxanne truth be told I went back two more times since this post and got a second one I loved it so much and a few more outfits :-)