Sunday, August 24, 2014

Haul, Rebody project Continuation

Did a little shopping on Amazon (which I've been avoiding, but that's for another post) and got my hands on a few wants. Of course I did not take a picture while they were boxed. Oopsie! is it me or does Julie's head shaped weird? Kinda caved in? Maybe it's the hair, I'll let it down or try curls. Anywhoo....

L to R: Elodie, Karina, Julie, Nadia, Athena

I got Carlisle just for the outfit, The doll is going straight to Ebay!

I wanted a second A & M doll, My AA ken collection needed a boost

So if I'm to continue my rebody project with my brown dolls I would need four more So in Style Kara/Chandra. But I don't think I'm going to. I'm tired of giving my hard earned money to Mattel while they continue to under produce AA dolls that immediately go to secondary markets like Amazon/Ebay for way way more. It's so frustrating and I think I've had enough. I'll be strictly thrifting for now unless some really good deals/sales come along.

These are my remaining non articulated dolls, They maybe staying that way

Also I decided to try something different with the Star Wars guy. I still didn't like the fact that he could only move his upper body. I really hate those fashionistas, What is the point of making them this way?

Much better! Dale (center) has got his groove back. Then I put Davids head some older Kens body, and Aladdin got his old body back.

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