Monday, June 22, 2015

Horses, Horses, HORSES!! ( I love little Froggy)

My horse collection!

I have a confession: one day I will live on a ranch not unlike Ralph Laurens except much MUCH smaller. I love horses and since I cannot have one IRL doesn't mean my dollies have to go without. I have five total, Three Liv and two from Barbie Cali Girl. From left to right are Liv Walnut (my favorite), Mattel Topanga, Liv Nutmeg, Liv Clover and on the end is Mattel Baja.

I know these are not riding boots, but thats because they clashed with her outfit :-)

I really really want the black Cali Girl horse but have come up empty during every online and in person search. If anyone has that horse I will happily swap Nutmeg for it, or if you know where I can get one please let me know. Hope everyone is having a wonderful day! :)

Monday, June 15, 2015

Two New Additions

It's safe to say that Mattel is well aware that doll lovers/collectors the world over are swapping bodies to give articulation to otherwise stiff models. So they are most than happy to save a few cents on the dollar not selling them already articulated, sending us to eBay to get overpriced donors or back to them to purchase more. Sigh. This is especially true for deeper hues like SIS Chandra who is now listed on amazon for $147! No matter what store I go to there is always an excess of blonde dolls and the amount looks the same each time. I dont believe for one second they're selling out and restocking daily, that's crap. I will keep visiting thrift stores hoping to strike gold. I didn't need a scavenger hunt for my next find, I was simply in a different neighborhood for my daughter doctors appointment and decided to stop by the local Targ├ęt and voila! The chocolate 2015 fashionista! (What's her name ya'll? I have no idea) And went around the next aisle to find another gem. Moxie Girlz Friends Amorie! What an adorable name.

Doll shopping is so thrilling. Oh how I've missed it!


So stunning! I'm going to pilfer through to see if her face mold matches anyone in my collection, at first glance I would say the University of Tennessee but I will double check.

Yup, looks like the same mold. 

This little angel. Her hair is already curled which I really appreciate and she stands on her own like a Kelly doll and for a fraction of the price! I was hoping to find more but she was the only one.