Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Sparkle Girlz Fashion Packs! + Extras

After my favorite blogs showed these super affordable outfits from Sparkle Girlz at Walmart I knew I had to check them out in person. Plus I wanted to shake up my ladies wardrobe, this way I could do it without breaking the bank. I may have gotten a lithe carried away...

This five piece pack was $8.99 and totally worth it IMO

I wanted another baby sparkle
That Barbie outfit went back

The top is Mattel

So cute right!? and now after a few fittings I can say the quality of the clothes is similar to Barbie but the accessories are not. The shoes feel super cheap and flimsy compared to Mattel or Liv. That being said with the exception of the the backless shoes that don't stay on, but still fit both old and new Barbie feet just fine. The clothing themselves favor Liv bodies, and you may find some areas of struggle with Fashionistas. All in all I would say at this price point there are no real losers. I pretty much loved everything, but I do have a favorite. My doll wardrobe is thin on upscale looking date/party clothes so I was very pleased with this:

It was made for Layla's body. She's a Skipper I've have since 2001

The Extras: New Family alert! and I picked up one of the Barbie Summer packs, was pleasantly surprised to find out it was a two piece.

I thought these two made a cute mother/daughter pairing

Is it me or is the sun super bright this week?

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Thrift Haul! and New Do's

After months of dead ends at the thrift store, I finally scored something worthy of it's own post. YIPPEE!!  I've never found black dolls before and I cannot contain my excitement! I practically skipped out of the store into the car. All the dolls are in pretty great shape and cost only .99 cents a piece! If not for some stress marks on her thumb the one in the middle would be perfect. It looked as though someone was trying to cut them off with baby scissors or even teeth. Also there were two of those chairs, the other painted red and a bit taller. The price was a bit too steep for me at $2.99 so just one would have to do. All told everything was less than $12. That is something to smile about. The little bag of randoms I got mostly because of the cube. I thought it would make a good pet cage or fish tank. 

Yay! for another Teresa!

I've been seeing jeeps everywhere in real life so I thought the ladies would enjoy it.

This car doesn't fit Barbie, but it will fit skipper dolls

One day I'll make a doll farm or stable and this will come in handy

I thought this was super cute and the little sheep? too precious

After washing I used some vitamin E oil I hand on my kitchen counter on the hair. It worked fine.

Her hair smelled kinda foul so I thought conditioning and cutting would be the best course of action

and she got a trim!

I decided some other ladies from Prince Harbor could use some texture so I got to boiling some water! For grace I wanted something similar to the Prettie Girls Cynthia Bailey Doll and I wasn't sure what I was going to get with Brooke but I loved the results!

Separating the curls and a trim may do the trick!
My Inspiration

Since I began rebodying dolls last year I've had the hardest time getting a Nikki Fashionista head to fit on a Liv body. At first I thought it was the amount of hair but nope. Teresa and Barbie Fashionistas with more voluminous hair fit on Livs perfectly. Head doesn't tilt to the side or flop around during posing. Not sure what's going on with that.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Haul, Rebody project Continuation

Did a little shopping on Amazon (which I've been avoiding, but that's for another post) and got my hands on a few wants. Of course I did not take a picture while they were boxed. Oopsie! is it me or does Julie's head shaped weird? Kinda caved in? Maybe it's the hair, I'll let it down or try curls. Anywhoo....

L to R: Elodie, Karina, Julie, Nadia, Athena

I got Carlisle just for the outfit, The doll is going straight to Ebay!

I wanted a second A & M doll, My AA ken collection needed a boost

So if I'm to continue my rebody project with my brown dolls I would need four more So in Style Kara/Chandra. But I don't think I'm going to. I'm tired of giving my hard earned money to Mattel while they continue to under produce AA dolls that immediately go to secondary markets like Amazon/Ebay for way way more. It's so frustrating and I think I've had enough. I'll be strictly thrifting for now unless some really good deals/sales come along.

These are my remaining non articulated dolls, They maybe staying that way

Also I decided to try something different with the Star Wars guy. I still didn't like the fact that he could only move his upper body. I really hate those fashionistas, What is the point of making them this way?

Much better! Dale (center) has got his groove back. Then I put Davids head some older Kens body, and Aladdin got his old body back.