Thursday, February 9, 2017

Monster High Ghouls Rule Clawdeen Makeunder + Clawdeen collection

I made a recent trip to the thrift store to find a bag with 3 different versions of Clawdeen and one Draculara (which I sold) I did not take a before picture but they were all in really good condition included the entire outfit plus accessories. i find they are always doing the absolute most with Clawdeen. That Kiss inspired make up was a no for me the minute i saw it. Half way removing the glitter I realized it was fixed to her eyebrows as well. I was almost annoyed until I realized I liked how it was turning out. I did the following:
-Removed eyebrows/most makeup
-trimmed her hair shoulder length 
-Removed the fur from the shoes
-cut out the fur from the sleeves
-removed green gloves
-Removed all accessories except earrings

Below are all my Clawdeens! I fought myself so hard not to collect her and her siblings, but how can you not love her!? and for $8 I got three in mint condition! Going back to that store tomorrow to see what else they have that I couldn't afford at the time. hey and thank you to everyone who kept visiting, I really appreciate it!

Dolls Dolls and more Dolls....I May need an Intervention

I started to edit this some time early last year. Basically I got more babies :-)

Monday, August 31, 2015

#TeamNatural Dolls

 My natural hair dolls have increased. Some were created by yours truly and once in a while some are manufactured that way, and surprisingly many times do a really good job. My curly haired dolls now account for 13 percent of my collection! It was a nice day out so I decided to treat the dolls and my self (and my mini me) to an outdoor photoshoot. We had a blast doing it and hope you all enjoy!

Starting off with African royalty


Top row is South African Princess and Ghana, Bottom row is Egyptian princess and Kenyan Princess. All the ladies except Egypt has a teenie afro.

The teeniest afro goes to baby Shayla, the first one from the left

Macey's afro puffs and Janessa's color and highlights

Jocelyn and Brie (the last two on the right) I did myself

The Kenya doll with braids and Larsa on the far right I did myself

Ashley (on the right) I did as well as Brook below with the blonde highlights

Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Project Mc2: Bryden Bandweth

Now ya'll know how I feel about big headed dolls, not really here for them. With the exception of Clawdeen and Alexis of Liv Doll fame I don't want anything to do with them. BUT I was perusing the toy aisles at walmart and came across this new range of dolls that included Bryden. Never heard of them prior. Similar to the Liv dolls, this line seems to be about exploring different aspects of girlhood that do not revolve around just the fashion. Computer engineering, mathematics and science take center stage.

I was hoping she was articulated but womp womp..she wasn't.

While she is very pretty the actual girl she's modeled after doesn't have green eyes, not sure why they felt the need to do that


I'm almost done girls sheesh...teenagers

Hair is kinda cheap feeling and came crimped.

she now has the biggest feet of any doll I own, which means she'll always wear what she came with

She could karate chop, but doing yoga is out of the question.
I like the concept of this doll, but I'm not too sure she's a keeper. Have you guys seen her or the line in stores? what do you think?