Sunday, March 5, 2017

Sparkle Girlz 4.0 outdoor shoot + Are they being phased out?

It's my birthday weekend! I say that upfront to justify the following: Went to my moms local Walmart and found these. I didn't bother to grab a basket since I assumed there would be very little. WAS I WRONG! These might be old but I haven't doll shopped in a minute so they're new to me. The ladies were consummate professionals, despite the 30 degree temp outside they maintained a positive attitude throughout the morning. hope you enjoy!

I got 13 packs total

This is what happens when you have a 4 year old PA, her boots end up in the  picture. When i saw this outfit I thought of Skipper immediately

(sans boot)

This may have been another Skipper outfit

Rihanna is ready for holiday with this calypso inspired top and shorts

Mattel sweater and Liv boots. This is a  one piece , I think it's pretty cute.

I spy...

That's better! (Skirt is Kenya Fashion Madness, boots are Mattel)

I wasn't going for a 'lost barefoot in the woods look ', but her giant feet literally fit nothing in my collection. Not MH, Liv, Stardoll. Its flat and wide.

These are shorts! How cute!?

My favorite!

She loved the camera! Got so many good shots it was hard to edit. Her twin (below) could not wait for it to be over.

This had straps that crossed in the front I removed them to make her hair ribbon.

Thanks for stopping by!

On my last Sparkle Girlz post I said the Walmart I went to had such a tiny display of items I was only able to get like 4 outfits. My worst fear was almost confirmed when I went to this out of the way store and they had NOTHING. not even a one off straggler. I asked an employee and she told me they were last seen in the final clearance toy section. When I looked there they were gone. I asked her again, she said this store was one of the smaller locations and sometimes phase out certain items. I think it was a combination of joy and panic that made me get so much, but I'm glad I did. Please let me know if you guys have heard/seen the same at your stores.


  1. First, Happy Birthday! You really did get a nice bunch of the Sparkle Girlz fashions. Lucky you! With my Walmart, it is hit or miss. I think it depends on if I manage to hit when the stock comes in. Sometimes I can get a lot and sometimes there is nothing. They had closed the other Walmart that is not too far from my home, so I have been limited, but I do try to stop by other Walmarts when we are travelling.

  2. Thanks Phyllis!! They've been hit or miss these days for me. I hate that I have to store hop to get anything, I'm sticking to this one for now.

  3. Happy birthday and great haul! A few of these I've seen but some are new to me, too. Last month, a friend in my doll club had a Walmart associate tell her that Sparkle Girlz were being discontinued. But then she switched it up to sound more like a hiatus. I guess time will tell.

    1. Thank you! I'm so sad about this news. Let's hope it takes a while before being completely phased out.

  4. Love your new fashions and models! I haven't seen many Sparkle Girlz fashions lately but I just thought new ones were about to come out. I do hope Walmart will still carry them.
    Happy birthday!

    1. Thank you so much Ms. Leo! I'm excited to see what they do next!