Friday, January 31, 2014

PMS Week= Going Ham On eBay

After reading many MANY doll blogs over the past few weeks I've come to one conclusion. I've been wasting money on ken dolls. Who knew there was such a massive range of action figures with realistic features out there who would make perfect companions for my ladies!? Not me. Any who I did a little (a lot) of shopping online and picked up a few Starting Lineup guys from the late 90's.

Yeah...I know

Working from the back row forward, from left to right:
- Tim Duncan 
- Alex Rodriguez
- Sulu from Star Trek
- ken Griffey jr.
- Kordell Stewart 
- Allen Iverson 
- random Star Wars guy
- random GI Joe guy
- Grant Hill
- AA Todd

Squeel! So excited about these guys. Especially little Todd who I was beginning to think was a doll myth. He was in a wedding pack that included a black Stacy too whom I have never owned. Too excited! I'm currently in the process of cataloging and naming everyone. Fun fun fun!!

*edited* Sulu has since been sold, I didn't care for his tiny head. It reminded me way too much of that shrunken headed character from Beetle Juice.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Attaching a Barbie Neck Swivel On a Liv Body

I purchased a lot of Liv dolls from Ebay with the intent of articulating most of my 1990's and early 2000's dolls. The Liv Alexis comes in two brown shades, The deeper complexion is harder to find and usually more expensive. Most of my black 90's Barbie collection consists of an even deeper tone than the darkest Liv. Mattel rarely produces dolls from the main range with a deep chocolate hue anymore, They all mostly look like Nikki Fashionista (That's a rant for another post). Long story short (ha!) I have a pretty head that needs a body. While in the process removing the Liv Alexis head the damn swivel thing comes off! (How much do we love that? ugh.) Any who  I go through my handy dandy toolbox and get a spare neck bob that belong to Barbie.

I really need to invest in a blow dryer to keep this from happening


 I trimmed some of the excess with a cuticle cutter, then used a nail file to make it smaller and smooth out the edges.
It fits but....
Leaves much too large a gap. The filing continues.

Slight gap still visible but that's good enough for me.

Looks much better on the right side
Studying for finals with Brenda

Taking a much needed break!

Overall I would consider the operation a success, better than wasting a perfectly good Liv body in my opinion. Head movement is  a little stiff, but I don't play too rough with the dollies should be fine.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Evolution of a Doll:Teresa Collection

Besides Nikki, Teresa without a doubt is my favorite doll. My very first Teresa was purchased in 1992 and she was the Hollywood Barbie, with an orange and gold outfit I still have till this day. She had an amazing tan, Big eyes and full lips. Mattel has made several changes to Teresa over the years and in my opinion not all good ones.

L to R From oldest to newest

 She has lost her tan completely by the time the College Student in the white hoodie came out. More close ups below.

Smaller features than the original, but still rocking the golden skin.

Eye color still the same and arms are articulated

Almond shaped eyes and wider smile

Square face shape

Heart shaped face, Wider eyes than previous and a more natural smile.
The original is still my fave but the latest Style doll is a close second. The first Teresa originally came with light brown hair with blonde highlights which I all but destroyed as a kid. I've recently given her a scalp transplant a la  Hey it's Muff and loving the results. What's your favorite doll?

Bring it in close you guys! (don't mind pink sweater she has a Liv body and likes to show off)

Nikki Glam Luxe Fashion Doll

It has been close to two months since the Glam Luxe dolls have been released and still no sign of new Raquelle, Midge (I know she's in the second wave) or Nikki. I've tweeted and emailed Mattel to no avail. So tired of waiting I decided to make my own version. I have already purchased Teresa and the cargo pant wearing Barbie from the line, but found the fur vest wearing barbie kind of redundant. Long story short I went to Target bought her and the Barbie Hair Tattoos Nikki (who is GORGEOUS!) and swapped clothes. Her arms are not fully articulated but I can live with that. It's a completely new Nikki face mold and I love it!

 Old Nikki face above
new below
I love how they've enlarged her eyes to look more like the 1990's versions that I love so much! I think she looks more youthful as well.

How cute is she!?I love her in this outfit! As for the original doll the clothes came with she has a great articulated body that I will no doubt be donating to one of the 90's girls whose in need an upgrade. If/When the actual glam luxe Nikki is released I will probably still pick it up to along with new Midge and Raquelle.