Sunday, January 19, 2014

Nikki Glam Luxe Fashion Doll

It has been close to two months since the Glam Luxe dolls have been released and still no sign of new Raquelle, Midge (I know she's in the second wave) or Nikki. I've tweeted and emailed Mattel to no avail. So tired of waiting I decided to make my own version. I have already purchased Teresa and the cargo pant wearing Barbie from the line, but found the fur vest wearing barbie kind of redundant. Long story short I went to Target bought her and the Barbie Hair Tattoos Nikki (who is GORGEOUS!) and swapped clothes. Her arms are not fully articulated but I can live with that. It's a completely new Nikki face mold and I love it!

 Old Nikki face above
new below
I love how they've enlarged her eyes to look more like the 1990's versions that I love so much! I think she looks more youthful as well.

How cute is she!?I love her in this outfit! As for the original doll the clothes came with she has a great articulated body that I will no doubt be donating to one of the 90's girls whose in need an upgrade. If/When the actual glam luxe Nikki is released I will probably still pick it up to along with new Midge and Raquelle.


  1. Super cute. I've seen Deluxe Glam Nikki on a couple of flickr accounts but not on TRU or other sites yet. I've complained several times about the same thing with Mattel's customer service dept. too.

  2. I had no idea! for two months straight I was cyber stalking these dolls especially Nikki and Raquelle but I just gave up. So annoying that Mattel does that. Why can't all the dolls debut at once as a single collection? Then when the other dolls get released it turns into a scavenger hunt.