Friday, January 31, 2014

PMS Week= Going Ham On eBay

After reading many MANY doll blogs over the past few weeks I've come to one conclusion. I've been wasting money on ken dolls. Who knew there was such a massive range of action figures with realistic features out there who would make perfect companions for my ladies!? Not me. Any who I did a little (a lot) of shopping online and picked up a few Starting Lineup guys from the late 90's.

Yeah...I know

Working from the back row forward, from left to right:
- Tim Duncan 
- Alex Rodriguez
- Sulu from Star Trek
- ken Griffey jr.
- Kordell Stewart 
- Allen Iverson 
- random Star Wars guy
- random GI Joe guy
- Grant Hill
- AA Todd

Squeel! So excited about these guys. Especially little Todd who I was beginning to think was a doll myth. He was in a wedding pack that included a black Stacy too whom I have never owned. Too excited! I'm currently in the process of cataloging and naming everyone. Fun fun fun!!

*edited* Sulu has since been sold, I didn't care for his tiny head. It reminded me way too much of that shrunken headed character from Beetle Juice.


  1. I like all of these guys of yours. It took me a long time to get my hands on Todd.

  2. Roxanne I didn't even know he existed until I saw him on your blog. Thanks for reading!