Saturday, February 8, 2014

Jada's Kitchen: A work in progress

I built a "traditional" dollhouse a few months back to house my dolls that my sister was keeping in storage for the last 10 years. It was done child sized mostly for my neice to play with and  looked like this:
After about two months I got really sick of looking at it. So it was time to enlist my baby for the demo, and she happily assisted. I started thinking I wanted a cute flat with an open concept. I salvaged the wooden scrapbook paper flooring from both the first and second floor and combined them. To make this:

 Making the range hood was my favorite part. I used two toilet paper rolls and metallic duck tape:

 Here Jada shows the scale. The Hood looks a little weird behind her because after putting it in place I didn't like the positioning, So it's half hanging off  right now while I figure something else out.

This is a fun project that's been taking a while to put together simply because I only get a chance to work on it for a couple hours on the weekends. Maybe in the next two months it will be completed.

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