Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Curly Haired Beauties

Like many people, I have a pretty decent sized doll collection. Also like many people most of them have straight hair no matter the dolls race. To keep the entire broad from looking to monotonous I decided to add some texture to some of the hair using the hot water technique. Also to keep all the curl patterns from looking the same I timed the length  the head spent in the hot water as well as the time the actual roller spent in the hair. I was taking the pictures at night so I used flash on some of them to get a better look at the curls. Now that I think about it I should've done before and after's..duh

Besides Trichelle this one is my favorite. I love how well it frames her face.

She actually has a straight bang underneath that blonde curl. But she's giving me Foxy Cleopatra realness and I love it

She's so tiny so the volume is a bit overwhelming, but it will look better once styled.

How cute is she!? I don't have the Trichelle with the afro puffs, I've only managed to get my hands on three straight haired ones. So needless to say I'm pretty pleased with how this came out.

She has the most realistic afro texture/look

Then there's the Keyshia doll who came with stick straight hair almost near the bottom of her feet. Like many have already mentioned the quality control of these dolls leaves something to be desired. She came with those marks on her arms and hands!

But all that being said... she is a little cutie

With Skipper I didn't want a too tight curl because I wasn't sure how it would look with a full bang. Plus she doesn't come from a curly family, I wanted it to look as if she put in some big curls herself using a curling iron.


  1. Everyone looks gorgeous! I'm trying to follow your blog but can't seem to find the opinion to follow. I will keep trying.

  2. Aww thanks! Well it's the thought that counts :-)

  3. I love all the girls with curls! There are a few dolls here whose hair I wouldn't have thought to curl.

  4. Thanks Ms. Leo! I just didn't want everyone looking the same.