Saturday, March 15, 2014

Barbie Collector Valentines Day Sale Haul!

If you subscribe to on Valentines day you would've gotten an email for 20% off. I placed an order immediately for some dolls I've had my eyes on for a while particularly Peeta and JLo. The Diversion guy was backordered until March 1st originally but then set to ship on March 8th instead. Anywho photos are below! :-)


UT Cheerleader

How cute is she!?


Even though the likeness isn't 100% I still knew this would be one of those dolls I'd regret missing out on and paying triple for on Ebay.

Four (Really that's his name)

Kinda bummed he's the same as the Texas A&M guy, but at least this ones brunette

UK Cheerleader
I thought she could be the younger sister to one of my ladies. They both have similar features.

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