Saturday, March 15, 2014

Meet the residents of Prince Harbor Part 1: The Families

I finally had some time to organize everyone. It all came together with the most recent Barbie Collector purchase. It's been fun seeing the older dolls and new ones side by side. I'm going to make the introductions into two parts. The families first, Then couples. First up the single moms:

Just the two of us....
Jennifer and Gabbie Lopez
Roxanne and baby Eva Green 
Hana and her shoulder climber Kaori

Christie Gardner (right) and her daughter Layla (left)
The big Families

                                    The Belmonte's
Top row L to R: Jaden (the only son) his mother Patrice and Father Jose
Bottom row L to R: Jocelyn, Jasmin, Jordan, Jada, and Janelle
                                    The Gardner's
From L to R: Barbie, Teresa, Saddie, Jonathon, Christie, Hazel
                                    The Arman's
Top row: Nikki, Brooke
Bottom row: Brie, Father Dave and Mother Isla,  and Dustin

                                    The Breckenridge's
Top: Kylie, Lydia
Bottom: Haneslyn, Brandon (Dad) Brady , Holly (Mom) and baby Cody in utero

                                    The Ayers

L to R: Avery, Kendal, Steven, Barbie, Lana

 The Stewart's
L to R: Raquel, Nadia (The mayor of Prince Harbor), Kordell, Karli

                                   The Hayashi's
Yori and his little sister Hana

This I swear....

                                    The Stewart's

Trichelle, Keisha, kordell, and baby Zara

                                    The Burrell's
Top L to R: Kaitlyn, Keana
Bottom: Nadia, (Mom), Lilly, Stanley (Dad) and Baby Ana

                                     The Gardner's
Grace, Jonathon and their baby girl Mika

                                The Dalton's

L to R: Ashley, Joyce, Lando and Larsa

                                    The Rodriguez Family
Alex, Angel, Danica, and AJ 
                                    The Ali's
Janelle, Tatiyana, Allan and baby Taylor

The Griffey's
Kenneth, Jasmin, Kyle, Gigi
Note: I attempted to do what Roxanne did here but the hair was a fail. So I cut it all off and will be filling the gaps with paint. He was rebodied with a So In Style Janessa 

                                    The Hills
Garret, Grant, Marisa and Macey

                                     The Duncan's
Tim,  TJ, Janessa, Jillian (Mom)

                                    The McDermott's
L to R top three: Darla, Deacon, Josh
Bottom: Allison, Dale and Teresa

So those are the families, Next post will be the single ladies and gents.


  1. Such nice looking families! I had never seen the MC Hammer doll redressed. He looks like a nice dad.

  2. Thanks! there's been some changes so I'll be doing an updated one soon. I've had that Hammer doll since the 7th grade, He's held up pretty good too I love his eyes.