Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Evolution of a Doll:Teresa Collection

Besides Nikki, Teresa without a doubt is my favorite doll. My very first Teresa was purchased in 1992 and she was the Hollywood Barbie, with an orange and gold outfit I still have till this day. She had an amazing tan, Big eyes and full lips. Mattel has made several changes to Teresa over the years and in my opinion not all good ones.

L to R From oldest to newest

 She has lost her tan completely by the time the College Student in the white hoodie came out. More close ups below.

Smaller features than the original, but still rocking the golden skin.

Eye color still the same and arms are articulated

Almond shaped eyes and wider smile

Square face shape

Heart shaped face, Wider eyes than previous and a more natural smile.
The original is still my fave but the latest Style doll is a close second. The first Teresa originally came with light brown hair with blonde highlights which I all but destroyed as a kid. I've recently given her a scalp transplant a la  Hey it's Muff and loving the results. What's your favorite doll?

Bring it in close you guys! (don't mind pink sweater she has a Liv body and likes to show off)

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