Saturday, September 6, 2014

Ebay Bender: Part Une

I don't think I placed myself on an Ebay no buy, but if I had this past week would've been a huge fail and the pictures to follow are only half of it.  The search started out with looking for baby/toddler boys, but I ended up finding one boy and two girls instead. It seems the little boys are harder to come by. I also got two more Steve dolls. Those other male characters/athletes I started to collect are a bit too pricey to keep up. . Either way I'm pleased. Hey it's Muff found a Gwen Stefani doll with a cute outfit and great handbag. As a handbag-ista in real life I appreciate the realistic details that went into  crafting it and knew my dolls would as well. It turns out there are about 8 Gwen dolls total, Four from her first Album L.A.M.B. and The Sweet Escape. The outfits copy looks from the music videos released from those projects. I was purely interested in the fashions, I'm not a fan of big headed dolls so for that reason I only have two. A Liv Alexis and Clawdeen.

I liked the dolls even less when I found they were just a less hideous version of Bratz with that awful peg leg.

The dolls will be sold leaving the clothes behind for Clawdeen. She's the only one with that sized head /body in my active doll stash she deserves to be spoiled a little.
Now she's  ready to rule as Constance Billards Queen B!

Finally got an Artsy Fashionista!!

I used to have this Steven back in the day, I miss this face mold.

Ken and Tommy set

I removed the lipstick off of Tommy's lips, got him some shoes and dressed my little girls:


  1. Nice buys! I laughed out loud at your comment about the Gwen doll being a hideous version of Bratz. I really do like the Gwen fashions though, and I'm sure that Clawdeen is thrilled. And I must know, what does the scented Steven smell like? :)

  2. lol I fail to understand the appeal of Bratz but to each their own. Not sure what it smelled like before but that Barbie perfume smells like a chemical lab. Considering it's over 20 years old explains a lot.