Saturday, September 13, 2014

Nikki Glam Luxe Doll: Update

It turns out I was right about the Nikki Style/Glam Luxe doll. Apparently Mattel is not as creative as we would hope and like all companies are full of hype and prioritize the bottom line. I'm not sure what the sales strategy is but If I were to guess It goes a little something like this:

(a) Publicize  a new range a dolls
(b) Release one or two (all white) in select markets
(c) In the case of the Glam Luxe dolls, don't even bother showing a picture of Nikki until months after the second wave comes out (Remember no pics of Nikki were even in the pamphlets with the other girls)
(d) Finally release Nikki after waiting close to a year to probably dismal sales because it did not get to capitalize on the initial hype. In retail it's all about momentum.

What this sales strategy insures is that the white dolls (since being the only ones available) get a huge surge in profit because they are sold at top market ($20-$25). By the time the AA doll comes out the previous dolls are on "rollback" at Walmart and on sale at similar retailers, Getting people to still buy them over the newly released dolls of color. So at the end of the sales quarter Mattel can pat themselves on the back about a job well done and predicting a successful launch showing that white dolls always outsell dolls of color. Sound far fetched? Maybe, but I wouldn't put it past them.

Lashes/less chunky highlights were the only things added
With the exception of  articulation in the upper body (which you can a Nikki Fashionista for $6 on Mattels site now) and lashes she is the same doll. It seems since the 1990's, SIS dolls not included Mattel has not really done a good job in doll diversity. Even if were just looking at Skipper and Stacie, How many years has the newer versions of them been out? Yet I've not ever spotted the AA ones. It's disappointing to say the least, but there are other options:
-Prettie Girls
-Kenya's World
-Thrift Stores, Ebay, Amazon usually you can find good deals


  1. I agree, Mattel can be rather disappointing and I'm glad that there are other options for AA dolls. I wouldn't have bought this doll because I already have several dolls with this face mold, another pet peeve of mine about Mattel. I'd love to see them produce a new Skipper and Stacie. I've seen so many cute sets featuring Barbie and her sisters, and I've felt disappointed in not seeing AA versions.

    1. I know right! Theres some characters like Theresa, while I do love that get revamps each launch it seems with varying skin tones and all.

  2. I know what you mean. I don't get Mattel. The world we live in is a diverse one. In my own family, I am a single Caucasian woman with 2 Asian daughters. My niece has 2 kids adopted from Haiti and she has trouble finding doll that they can identify with. Mattel is missing mark by not having the friends of Skipper and Stacie and also having some more little boy dolls. They also need to produce clothing packs for the smaller dolls. And now, very little articulation. I know they are losing a lot of business, so they really need to wake up! OK, getting off of my soap box now!
    I am enjoying your blog. Will use your URL to follow. If you want to check out my blog, it is on

    1. The Barbie universe will have us believe the majority of the world we live in is not people of color. *shrugs* They are definitely missing out!