Monday, September 15, 2014

Ebay Bender: Part Deux

As previously mentioned in part one, I went down the Ebay rabbit hole and "discovered" some hidden treasures. While looking for the Kwaanzaa doll, Ebay asked if Ive seen the Princess of South Africa doll? Why No..No I had not. After putting her in the cart, I did a little search for all African Dolls of The World and found these ladies. *Drumroll please*

Dolls of The World: Africa

Ghanian and Kenyan

South African and Egyptian Princesses

Moroccan and Asha (African American)

 Out of the box: Some of the boxes came pretty damaged and while I did buy these for display purposes only... err..mostly, I didn't want boxes on my shelf that were all banged up.

The first three of the six have a different face mold from anyone else in my collection. 

I can't get over this doll. I partly blame her for this crusade. Her face? Eyes? The details in her clothing?! it's too much

Again unknown face mold but pretty, and I'm not sure if you can tell but her hair is braided!

She seems like a variation of the Christie with rounder/fuller features

A rounder Shani mold

A Christie with a slight slant in the eyes

Also a Shani (my fourth) LOVE her dress! It's cultural without being too formal

The Shani Welcome Wagon!

There is a Nigerian Barbie I've got my eye on to complete my collection, but for now this is it. To say that I'm bursting with glee would be an understatement.  WEEEEEE!!!! and the best part about these dolls?


  1. These are some beautiful dolls that you've added to your collection! The only one of these that I have is the Princess of South Africa. She is one of the few dolls that have remained in the box here.

    1. Thanks so much Roxanne! I really am excited about these ladies