Monday, August 10, 2015

The Blogger App for iPad Sucks and Other Excuses...

While I mostly need this blog to be a happy place there are forces at work that prevent it from being so, mainly Apple products. I have now documented enough material for at least four posts that have never happened. First the Blogger App really REALLY stinks. I have spent hours uploading, moving and resizing photos, save the post as a draft only to log onto my husbands computer and find nothing. Oh, BTW I'm using his desktop because two weeks ago my MacBook Air decided to stop turning on. It's not even 14 months old. <insert steam coming out of my ears emoji>

I am in desperate need of happy me time so I am doing whatever it takes to make that happen today...tonight. I am out of school for the next two weeks and trying to cram as many enjoyable as possible and Valerie's Dollies is second only to working out. Thank you for everyone who visits and supports :-)



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