Tuesday, August 11, 2015

I'm Know I'm Late to The Party But.....


I went down the other pink aisle at my local Meijer for the first time to discover not only did they carry Kenya's World dolls, but also discounted...greatly. Gold Star for Val for varying her shopping routine! I ended up getting eight total but returned one. TJ (in the track suit) had super loose joints so he had to go.

1) So this outfit had potential, but was just all over the place. I got three versions of this Kenya, Fireside Chatting  dolls, Kenya Beverly Hills and Riviera. I cut her hair by half and put her in something more figure flattering.

2) This is my only Denise. Everything is on point here. Absolutely loved the outfit top to bottom.
Both are really well made and super cute! I almost flipped when I saw/felt the hair.
Excellent curl pattern and texture.




3)  Kenya Movin On: I didn't get a chance to take of photo when she arrived so this is a stock pic from Amazon. The top, hat, jacket and hat are all pretty great, but I find I like them best as separates. The only down side was the leggings did stain her thighs.


4)  Kenya Riviera: aka the pink suit. I wanted to do something different with her hair and since I haven't mastered doll dreads yet I gave her some braids.
The Boys The Boys!
TJ and Dwayne

I need to find out the back story but does anyone know if TJ is supposed to be older? That was one idea I had about the height difference.
The only issue with the Kenya dolls was that some of the joints were loose, and the neck doesn't have full range of motion but that doesn't deter my love at all. These are a welcomed addition to my collection. Also I purchased a second Keyshia hoping to get the "other" face, but I ended up with the same one. Ah well.
I took gave the Chandra body to Tally and Chandra got a Kenya body

Got two Steve dolls and new outfits. Since mattel has given up on making a jointed or different version of him, my next project is adding facial hair.

I finally got adorable freckles!


  1. I love what you did to Kenya's hair in pic #4. The braids give her a different look. Very nice haul!! Congratulations on getting them! I wish that I had gotten at least one of the TJ dolls. Nice redresses as always!