Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Sparkle Girlz Fashion Packs 2.0

Sparkle Girlz is at it again! I snapped these up at my most recent wally world trip and they are better than expected!

The fringe on this dress is kind of amazing.

LOVE a short set! Makes her legs go on for days!

Finally got a Brandy doll. I don't know why it took me so long. Do you know I never got this doll when I was young even though I was deep into collecting when it came out?

Don't judge me, I have not wanted to remove the goop from her hair yet.
I personally live in maxi dresses during warmer weather so this needed to come home with me!


Addy is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How cute is she?! I'm over the moon! (I was not supposed to say this publicly but there has been some in fighting as to which family will adopt her)


  1. I love the Sparke Girlz clothing! I hope the continue to keep the price of them down. Addie looks so cute redressed! Loving your redresses.

    1. My heart completely melted over Addy! Since they're competing with Mattel I think they'll have to especially since the quality is there.

  2. Those Sparkle Girlz clothes are great. I see you got some new ones that I don't currently have so I guess I better go to Walmart soon and check them out again. I agree with Georgia Girl in hoping that they keep the prices low. I really like the variety and the fact that the outfits will work with a multitude of doll types. By the way, glad to see you are back to posting again!

    1. I just randomly went into the section and there they were. I didn't know they would be releasing newer collections either. Definitely check them out!