Monday, August 31, 2015

#TeamNatural Dolls

 My natural hair dolls have increased. Some were created by yours truly and once in a while some are manufactured that way, and surprisingly many times do a really good job. My curly haired dolls now account for 13 percent of my collection! It was a nice day out so I decided to treat the dolls and my self (and my mini me) to an outdoor photoshoot. We had a blast doing it and hope you all enjoy!

Starting off with African royalty


Top row is South African Princess and Ghana, Bottom row is Egyptian princess and Kenyan Princess. All the ladies except Egypt has a teenie afro.

The teeniest afro goes to baby Shayla, the first one from the left

Macey's afro puffs and Janessa's color and highlights

Jocelyn and Brie (the last two on the right) I did myself

The Kenya doll with braids and Larsa on the far right I did myself

Ashley (on the right) I did as well as Brook below with the blonde highlights

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I love this post! Big curly hair is my favorite! Ironically, I have dolls (with natural hair) sitting in a basket waiting for a "natural hair" post. They have been there all year long. Lol! I love outdoor shots. The natural lighting makes the pictures pop.

    P.S. Your dolls are nice, especially those cute little ones. :-)

    1. Thanks Georgia Girl! I know yours will look fab as well :-)

  2. Hi, wow, your dolls are lovely! And great pictures, it shows you had fun with this photo shoot!

  3. Nice looking group of girls, HAIR GIVE ME LIFE.......:0

  4. Great post! I have some of the dolls you have but not all of them! I love their hair too. I like your pictures too!

  5. Hello Valsays, you have a nice collection of dolls. I like all the kids.