Saturday, November 15, 2014

Prettie Girls + Accessory organization

After coveting these for most of the year (and staying away because the price wasn't quite right to commit) they finally went on "sale" and my will weakened:

Lovely natural makeup on all the girls

While they are very pretty some quality assurance issues leaves little to be desired. First off the heads do not pivot. like not even a little bit, only side to side movement. Second the rib cage device they have that's supposed to allow them to angle their bodies barely functions! and by barely I mean it only half twist from left to right. All the money that went into getting that useless part could've been spent on movement at the wrist or ankles.  

Kamani's hair is a little too sparse ....

and full of gunk.

Third, the hair smells...bad. Like burnt plastic. Hopefully with time it will go away. Fourth and maybe the smallest issue is the big feet. Way to big for Barbie shoes, too small for most Monster High, good for Liv and perfect for Stardoll. My expectations might have been a bit too high.

I thought her outfit was darling but just changed the accessories

 The good does out way the meh. I love that their shapely, Lord knows more representation is needed as far as thats concerned. They come in a variety of brown skin tones, wear realistic neutral makeup and have some (better than nothing) articulation. Most importantly Im happy they exist in the doll world. I know they're called Prettie Girls but I wonder I've they'll get male characters?

Doll Accessory Organization

When you want your dolls to look their best you have a tendency to accumulate a good bit clothing etc. for them. For me I found even when I had all the shoes bags and jewelry in one container finding things was an issue and the visual clutter drove me batty. So I've re-worked some things and so far it's seems to be functioning well for me. I got these mini storage containers at my last Walmart trip in two sizes:

The small ones house belts...

Glasses and headbands...

and jewelry

The large one has big feet shoes. I prefer to keep these separate from Barbie sized shoes just to help me know what I have.

Small zip lock has Barbie shoes

The large is all handbags and backpacks
The all fit nicely into colorful units. It may seem unnecessary to have bins/zip locks within a bin, but it's totally worth it when finding what you need takes seconds instead of minutes!


  1. You're Prettie Girls are all so pretty! :) I like the way that you've organized your dolly things. I've been thinking about how I want to get my stuff organized. I'm tired of digging through humongous storage bins, and dozens of plastic baggies. I need a system that will allow me to find stuff quickly, while taking up minimal space.

    1. Thanks Roxanne! It was getting a bit too overwhelming for me digging through all that stuff (especially with a baby picking things out left and right) so now every things contained and I have my sanity back :-)

  2. I had my doll clothes organized a long time ago, but they are all over the place again! Your post has reminded me that I need to reorganize again! You've done a great job of getting things organized. BTW, I also have the Prettie Girls dolls and they have been out of the box for a while. I have not noticed any bad smells from their hair, so maybe it gets better the longer they are out of the box?

    1. Phyllis it's been out a few days and its not as strong so maybe.

  3. Your dolls are pretty...pun intended Lol! I am so sorry that I did not order them. I did order the Cynthia Bailey doll and had plans to go back and get them, but they were gone.

  4. That Cynthia Bailey sure is beautiful, but I haven't leaped yet, I'm waiting for a sale. I got them direct from the website.

  5. I love the expression on these dolls' do I get to follow your blog? I don't see anything to click!

    1. Grandmommy I fixed it! you should be good to go :-) thanks for visiting!