Sunday, December 21, 2014

New Dolls

I've been itching to get some new dolls and online sales have given me an excuse to indulge. without further or do my new ladies....

Nikki 2015 Fashionista on a Liv body

2015 Summer

Oklahoma University Barbie

SIS Trichelle

Listen these shoes? Woo, maybe you don't understand....

Like look at those!

SIGHHH.. like these are the baddest shoes Mattel has ever made, I think Nicki Minaj was the inspiration

Auburn University

Louisiana State university Barbie

Really like the new Barbie face! I was not messing with them the last 6 years.
I was hoping all the new fashionistas would be available for purchase by now, but I guess Mattel is up to the usual marketing shenanigans. I have my heart set on at least four, the chocolate one, the one with the shaved sides, the blonde kinky haired one, and I think Grace from the So In Style line.


  1. Nice haul! I love the new clothing packs. The $7.97 price is so much better than $11.97 that they normally sell for. And not to mention that the fabric goes all the way around.

  2. Thanks Georgia Girl! I agree about the fashion pack prices. Sales has been down for Barbie overall I guess they're finally getting the hint.. Are you planning on getting any of the new fashionistas?