Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Star Wars guy and Aladdin rebody

I was going through my "for sale" drawer with the intention of listing two fashionista Kens when I noticed the great color match between them and Dale McDermott aka the random star wars guy. So I grabbed my tools and went to work! 

Standing next to former body. I glued the head on, but a small lost in comparison to him not being able to wear Ken sized  clothes

Head size is slightly larger than Ken. I wasn't able to take much more from the neck

Next to the Mrs

He's able to give better piggy back rides

Mid body swapping frenzy, I decided to give Teresa her old body back. She's now in the University Teresa body, I had her in a Nikki body before thinking she was tan enough to pull it off. She wasn't.

Bad family photo. It's clearly the photographers fault.

Up next! Aladdin. I removed the little purple cap a few months back, but it was time to make him whole. The scalp donor was the brunette Liv doll, thank you dear.

next to former body. These old Ken bodies may as well have been like the Stars Wars guy, I don't need my men taking up that much space.

Even with the color match being way off, I still really like it.

Transplant glued on, filed down and ready for paint.

Ok so it looks like a yamaka, but it's better than what he had before :-)

Most exciting part? He's able to hold his baby!

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