Saturday, April 12, 2014

Ebay Haul! Gap, X-Files, Plus a new old Teresa!

I know I could probably find much better deals just going to thrift stores (and I do have a list of 7 in my area I need to go to) but I honestly don't have the time. So I make the best of the two hours between getting off work, Mine and the baby's bedtime and shop online. I used to always keep a bunch of stuff in the Ebay shopping cart but I found it never allowed me to enjoy the stuff I had so I stopped. Anywho ...

L to R: Jason Priestley, X-Files, Gap Barbie, Jointed Stacy and  old new Teresa

Arizona Barbie

Arizona will be replacing Barbie. So first she get's studded.
then rebodied with a fashionista.

Teresa update: So the new old Teresa, The second one from the left. Based on her features alone she appears to come after my original. 

Here she is in a fashionista body and some LITDH clothes!

I wanted to see how she looked next to Dale, but the chemistry doesn't seem to be there like with the original.

Got this on a whim, I had no idea it came with so many outfits. I've been on a mad search for Barbie denim jeans so I'm really glad I got this. I love it so much I ordered a second!

Christie is about to get a head to toe upgrade! I've been trying to be ok with her hair because she is one of the oldies but then the Gap doll looks so much like her that it's s win win. Now this hair color/texture will more closely resemble her Layla's.

Jason is really cute! not crazy about the shirt, but the jacket and jeans are especially great. Those jeans are the best doll jeans I own, better than the Justin Bieber ones.

I didn't get excited about this until it arrived. How about those power suits? Well Scully's more than Mulder's.

I was so excited about the LITDH fashion pack. I like the way mattel is leaning towards more everyday looking clothes rather than pink, glittery, and short.

Scully's suit. I thought it would be a more appropriate mayoral look than Sparkly pants and a crop top.

Dana Anderson is Holly Breckenridge's mother

Mayor Nadia Burrell looking very official.

Part two of the Haul will be up in a few. In all I'm pretty thrilled with everything especially all the outfit options.

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