Saturday, February 10, 2018

Updated Collection: Curvy Barbie etc.!!!!

Man, it’s been a long time! It has been a roller coaster of a year and more than ever I've turned to my dolls for some peace and happiness :-) Now let’s get into the fun stuff. First up, Curvy dolls. YAY! The articulated one has been on my wish list for a long time. I finally for her around the holidays.

How stunning are these ladies??!! They are truly body goals. Seriously.  I've been seeing photos of the boho (yellow dress) for months now and I finally got my hands on her.  Yesterday she was the last one on the shelf at Walmart. Looking back there were a lot of 'meant to be' moments when buying some of these dolls. The dark skin one (center) I cannot get over the beauty. She reminds me of my high school friend.  I'm not a fan of 'emojiwear' however,  so she had to be changed pronto! besides her everyone else is wearing out the box outfits.

I got her well over a year ago and she's been at the bottom of the bin. I brought her out yesterday for a makeover. She is really adorable. There's a blonde shaved side that I was interested in (seen below)

When I have spotted her in stores, it was never reduced enough to justify the purchase. She's still on the wish list but I'm not really too pressed about it. If I can get just her head on ebay that would be sweet.

Got her and changed body to basic Barbie. I think she's cute. My sister told me she looks like kylie jenner, I don't know how I feel about that lol.

How flawless is that make up job they did on this doll? UGH! so beautiful, Grace has never looked better.

              This is another city chick or Barbie Style doll. Her rooted lashes are really cute.

 Married to Medicine (and same face mold) besties! The brown skinned one is a made to move and the light one is a Liv body.

I got the 2016 holiday Barbie and immediately gave her a Liv body. She has a strong jawline.

This is poolside city chic head on a Liv body. She looks good on a taller body, but I didn't have a close enough shade to make it work.

2017 Holiday Barbie! Waiting for the price to drop on this doll required SO MUCH PATIENCE. I finally found it at a Once upon a Child here in Columbus for $20!

She's a petite on a Liv body

Gabby! I haven't had the desire to change her clothes, but I did get two maybe I'll experiment on just one.

                              She's even more gorgeous in person! LOVE this petite cutie pie.

Fashionista with Musician Barbie. I bought about 4 of those dolls so that I could finally articulate my dark skinned dolls, and she was one of them.

Face mold twins! The one on the left has a made to move body and the right has Kenya Fashion Madness body.

I only changed her shoes. I told my daughter I was going to do this hair style she said no. Kids do try to keep you from embarrassing yourself.

                                    Thick Ken. A little weight does him some good.

New Skipper!

LT Uhura. Another beautiful makeup job.

New kiddies! The ones without the blanket are part of the new Skipper collection. The other ones came with a doctor. I tried to remove the lipstick from the blanket babies and nothing happened! even with pure acetone.

 The one on the left is a American Girl not sure what they call them but got it on sale at Meijer for under $5 and the other is Barbie to Go for $4. I got them to be dolls for the dolls (for which the AG is perfect) but the Barbie to go are really tall and about the same height as old Chelsea dolls.

I found her at the OUAC (once upon a child) for $15 and fell in love immediately, but talked myself out of buying it I think I was feeling guilty about my spending that week or something. About five weeks later I go back with my sister, dig around a little bit and she's still there!! it was meant to be.

i had an urge to replace her body but it didn't feel right. Plus lately I've been feeling nostalgic for the Barbies of my youth. So i put her back and I love how she looks.

PHEW! I know that was a lot! I'm in the process of getting my mojo back so I'm looking forward to all the changes that will bring.



Sunday, March 5, 2017

Sparkle Girlz 4.0 outdoor shoot + Are they being phased out?

It's my birthday weekend! I say that upfront to justify the following: Went to my moms local Walmart and found these. I didn't bother to grab a basket since I assumed there would be very little. WAS I WRONG! These might be old but I haven't doll shopped in a minute so they're new to me. The ladies were consummate professionals, despite the 30 degree temp outside they maintained a positive attitude throughout the morning. hope you enjoy!

I got 13 packs total

This is what happens when you have a 4 year old PA, her boots end up in the  picture. When i saw this outfit I thought of Skipper immediately

(sans boot)

This may have been another Skipper outfit

Rihanna is ready for holiday with this calypso inspired top and shorts

Mattel sweater and Liv boots. This is a  one piece , I think it's pretty cute.

I spy...

That's better! (Skirt is Kenya Fashion Madness, boots are Mattel)

I wasn't going for a 'lost barefoot in the woods look ', but her giant feet literally fit nothing in my collection. Not MH, Liv, Stardoll. Its flat and wide.

These are shorts! How cute!?

My favorite!

She loved the camera! Got so many good shots it was hard to edit. Her twin (below) could not wait for it to be over.

This had straps that crossed in the front I removed them to make her hair ribbon.

Thanks for stopping by!

On my last Sparkle Girlz post I said the Walmart I went to had such a tiny display of items I was only able to get like 4 outfits. My worst fear was almost confirmed when I went to this out of the way store and they had NOTHING. not even a one off straggler. I asked an employee and she told me they were last seen in the final clearance toy section. When I looked there they were gone. I asked her again, she said this store was one of the smaller locations and sometimes phase out certain items. I think it was a combination of joy and panic that made me get so much, but I'm glad I did. Please let me know if you guys have heard/seen the same at your stores.